Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Decorating for the holidays

I love the holidays. The kiddos are out of school and our day are spent watching movies, baking , playing video games and relaxing. Did I mention breaking up fights and hearing I'm bored 1,000 times a day? Oh yeah there is that too.
I had some spare time yesterday and I decided to decorate for Christmas. This year I was bound and determined to use what I had or what was free and in corporate a lot of natural elements. I don't line plastic Santas or lots of little clutter. I prefer to make a statement in a few places. This year red is my color.
Here are a few photos of my home for the holidays. Please excuse the iPhone pics. I haven't gotten my tree yet. Maybe this weekend.
Until next time !
The Imperfect Mama

Thursday, November 29, 2012

     Hi I am the Imperfect Mama. I don't do things right all the time but I never give up. I have 3 wild and wonderful boys, an  amazing husband ,3 dogs and a tiny house. My mountains of laundry are alway there as well as muddy paw prints on the floor and crumbs on the table. I have a sink full of dishes most of the time.
I love cooking for my family and friends, drinking coffee, painting furniture and reading blogs.
Follow me in my day to day musings while I drink way to much coffee and try not to go insane!!!