Wednesday, January 16, 2013

    I sit on my front porch feeling grateful. I can hear my two youngest children in the backyard playing a noisy game of who knows what . The dog is barking at the chickens. I have a pot of tex mex chili on the stove and cornbread in the oven. I am lucky.
     I have been wrestling for a long time abou tthe life Ive chosen. The one where I work very little and stay home with my boys as much as possible. I have been feeling as though I need to be working full time so I can bring in more money, buy us better things, and take more vacations. As I sat on my porch today I realized something: I have all I have ever wished for and more. Im married to my high school sweetheart and I have 3 sons. I have a nice home with amazing neighbors. While many of my friends are rushing off to work during summer and winter break, we are just staring to stir in our house. Planning the day each day.
     Anyone who has known me for a long time knows that I am doing excatly what I am meant to.I am living the life I have always wanted. I am happy. I am learing about having excess and what all of that means . I am truly blessed.
How are you blessed. Are you living the life you have always dreamed of? If not it is time to start.