Thursday, August 8, 2013

All is well

My son's surgery went well. It was a long day. I thought I was calm, cool, collected. I wasn't. I didn't realize it until that evening when I fell into to bed totally exhausted. It was a trying day. He is healing quickly I think. He is in great spirits today. I was a bit concerned after the surgery because when the meds wore off he seemed angry and depressed he was not the young man I know but today he was almost back to his own self. I am grateful. I am grateful for great Drs. And nurses and health insurance and so many things. Thank you Lord for helping our family through this.
I will be posting more interesting things soon. My garden is producing so many tomatoes I can't give them away and I have been tweaking my house like crazy to accommodate crutches and a walker. Pictures soon .
Have a good night friends
The Imperfect( and tired) Mama

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