Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Working girl

Last week I started a new job. It is something I have done previously. I am working in a school with many different kinds of children. 
 Some have special needs some have behavior issues and some have separation anxiety.
I love what I do. It is fulfilling I have great hours and I work with great people. I have always loved children and have always wanted to work with them.
With this new job comes a whole be set of responsibilities. I now have to be out of my house by a certain time. I have to pack another lunch( my own) I am guilty of being the mom from hell several days in the past week. Yelling "brush your teeth" "eat" "get dressed" "let's go" "hurry up!" I feel like a nazi. And also like a failure. Who likes to start of the day in a rush? Frustrated . Not me.
I have several other little jobs I do besides being a wife a mom and a school employee. I cater a few times a month and I also take care of a vacation rental several afternoons a week. I truly love the independence that the little money I earn gives. I love being able to say to My man " let me pay for dinner or to be able to purchase things for our kids or our home with cash I earned myself. But this comes at a price. It means I'm watering my garden in the dark. I'm doing laundry at 5:30 am. I'm not getting any exercise or much quiet time. I haven't found that balance that I need. 
How does one maintain balance in a life that is so busy. How do you choose  what to let go of? I love this home and life I have created here but there was always something missing. I needed a job. I needed to feel like I was doing more than just being a wife and a mama. And now I cant help but feel a bit overwhelmed! If I have any readers out there what are your thoughts? How do your keep a balance? I am open to any advice. 
Till next time!
The ( busy) imperfect mama

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